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Murphys Law Updates

Murphys Law – what does it mean?  “What can go wrong, will go wrong.”  Or something to that effect.  But, the chances of something going wrong can often be reduced by hiring a skilled attorney.  Meet Attorney Sonia Buck’s dog, Murphy. Murphy is Linnell, Choate, & Webber’s spokesdog.  He helps us share legal tips and Maine law updates on our Facebook page.  Most recently, our legal tips focused on wills, trusts, and estates, and service animal regulations with respect to public accommodations.  Murphy’s Law will make you smile as you learn legal tips and receive Maine law updates. Don’t miss the next Murphys Law Monday.  He is also good about providing reminders about upcoming legal deadlines under Maine law, such as municipal dog registration dates and information and links to assist in compliance.

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Murphy tries to pass as a service animal due to “No Dogs Allowed” policies.  Public accommodations law can be tricky.


Murphys Law Monday will be periodically updated and will add a smile to your Monday morning.  Murphy will share his best Maine law updates and legal tips, and other pearls of wisdom.  He will also keep you up to date on what is new at Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP

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Murphys Law

Murphys Law Updates