Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP has significant experience pursing and defending Tort Law claims and Contract Law Claims.

Tort Law Claims. Tort Law encompasses acts of negligence and intentional wrongs that result in injury/damages to another. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP has experience in numerous areas of Tort Law including defamation, negligence, assault/battery, fraud, conversion, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other related claims.

Sex Abuse Litigation. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP also has experience pursuing claims on behalf of victims of sexual abuse. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP’s attorneys have experience pursing assault/battery claims against perpetrators of sexual abuse, as well as claims for negligent hiring, retention, investigation, and/or supervision against non-perpetrators.

Professional Negligence. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP has experience pursuing claims of professional negligence on behalf of Plaintiffs. Specifically, Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP pursues claims of Medical Malpractice on behalf of patients against their healthcare practitioner(s) as well as Legal Malpractice claims on behalf of clients against their former legal counsel.

Contract Law Claims. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP also has significant experience pursuing and defending Contract Law claims. Contract Law Claims encompass the enforcement of agreements between parties. These agreements can be for goods, services, or both. These claims include breaches of contract, violations of the uniform commercial code, breaches of warranty claims, tortious interference with contractual relations, and other related claims.

Premise Liability. Premises liability law focuses on the legal responsibility that an owner of property or land has for the accidents and injuries sustained by another on the property. One common claim in the realm of premise liability law is that of slip and fall accidents that result in serious injuries. Also, one may sustain injuries on property as a result of the actions of another person who is under the supervision of the property owner. Finally, premise liability law addresses situations where one suffers harm on property as a result of inadequate security. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP represents those individuals that have been injured on another’s property.

If you feel that you might have a Tort Law or Contract Law claim, or are being accused of such actions, the attorneys at Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP have the experience you need and might be able to assist you.