Legal Fees

Our legal fees will depend on several factors which may include the type of problem presented, the time involved, the experience of the attorney providing the service, whether there is a law or contract that provides for fees, and the results obtained.

Certain types of cases may require no hourly fee for the time and effort expended. In such a matter, we will be compensated only if we obtain a result, and the fee will be determined based on a signed agreement between you and your attorney. In other instances, such as employment law cases, legal costs may be obtained from your opponent or from an insurance company.

Whether there is an initial consultation that is free or not depends on the type of case and the attorney. We may need to gather information prior to meeting with you. The bottom line is that every person and case is unique and will be treated according to their particular circumstances.

We encourage you to ask questions about our fees and what costs may be associated with your case.