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Labor and employment law broadly encompasses areas affecting the employer-employee relationship such as sexual harassment, age discrimination, race discrimination, gender discrimination, wrongful termination, wage/hour law violations, FMLA violations, whistle blowing, and construction discharge. Although intolerable, if, due to your gender, you have been subjected to lewd comments, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual relations, unwelcome touching, and being subjected to sexually explicit materials in the workplace, you may have a claim for employment discrimination. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP exclusively represents employees that have been unlawfully discriminated against, or harassed, in the workplace based on their race, age, gender, pregnancy, or mental/physical disability.

Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP has experience pursing claims before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Maine Human Rights Commission (MHRC), the state and federal agencies administering and enforcing civil rights laws against workplace discrimination. Further, Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP’s attorneys have experience pursing discrimination claims in both state and federal courts enforcing the rights and remedies afforded to Plaintiffs under the Maine Human Rights Commission, Title VII, and those under the common law.

If you feel that you have been terminated from your employment, been treated unfairly, been denied a promotion, or failed to receive employee privileges by your employer, as a result of your age, you may have a claim for age discrimination. Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP represents those individuals that have been the unfortunate victims of age discrimination by their employer.

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